The 2020 election buzz is that This is the Most Important Election of our lives. And that’s because, from a climate perspective, this is one moment we can’t afford to sit out.
That’s why 350 Colorado Action is calling on the state climate movement to organize in support of climate champions, such as these Senate candidates, who’ve received the 350 Colorado Action Stamp of Approval.

The BIG presidential primaries are not the only vital election fast approaching. The nation is watching us as we sort out The most vulnerable Republican Senate seat, Cory Gardner’s. As you know, we need a climate-ready government to push through legislation that matches science and builds a transition based on justice and equity. And to do that, Democrats need to pick up four Senate seats in 2020 — three if a Democrat is elected president — to take control of the Chamber.
Our goal is to increase the vote for the climate champions who are committed to a just transition and an end to the fossil fuel industry. Let’s vote Gardner out! But let’s not do it with the man responsible for the fracking public health crisis, who famously drank a glass of fracking fluid → Hickenlooper.

The Colorado Climate Movement needs to step up NOW!
On February 27th, please pull together a Primer on the Primaries Gathering for your community. Here’s how:

Step 1: Pick a location — your living room, a coffee shop, a public library.

Step 2: Invite five or more people from your community.

Step 3: Get familiar with the basics of the caucus system and which of the candidates for Senate are climate champions.

Step 4: And (here’s the important part) we ask that you set a challenge at your gathering, that each person brings 3 friends (who are not there at the Primer) with them to the March 7th Caucus to support climate champions who are running via caucus process (Romanoff and Spalding). You can also collect signatures for climate champions who are petitioning onto the ballot (Bray and Garcia – you can contact their campaigns for more info).
At your Primer, we hope your group will have a chance to ask all of the questions they have about the process and feel grounded in what they need to do. Please reply to this email to let us know if you plan to host a gathering, if you need any additional information, and how it goes.
Important dates

February 10: Ballots start going out

February 14: The deadline to register for a particular political party to participate in a caucus

March 7: Precinct caucuses

June 30: Non-presidential primary

November 3: General election

Thank you for taking action to ensure that Colorado is represented by climate champions!
The 350 Colorado Action Board
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